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Nature London
Box 24008
London ON N6H 5C4


Nature London Line

Call Nature London’s information line to hear a taped message, updated weekly, about special nature sightings and upcoming events.
Please call to report your unusual nature sightings that might be of interest to others.



Nature London – McIlwraith Field Naturalists of London Canada






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President Bernie VanDenBelt
Past President Muriel Andreae
Vice-President Gordon Neish
Treasurer Henry Przysiezny
Archivist Winifred & David Wake
Field Trips Coordinator Cathy McCrae
Cedarcroft Manager Herb Bax
Conservation Coordinator Sandy Levin
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Facebook Page Administrator Mady Hymowitz
Indoor Meetings Coordinators Carol Agocs, Kathy Ellis, Diane Weiler
Membership Secretary Gail McNeil
Nature in the City Coordinator Pat Tripp
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Ontario Nature Representative Anita Caveney
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Photo Database John Berry
Volunteer Coordinator Norm Corrin