Who We Are

Nature London (McIlwraith Field Naturalists) is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of nature.  The organization works to protect threatened natural areas and takes action on other issues affecting the local environment.

The origins of Nature London go back to 1864, with the founding of the London branch of the Entomological Society. In 1890 this insect-study group added sections devoted to botany, ornithology, geology, and microscopy. Only the ornithological section survived, changing its name in 1903 to the McIlwraith Ornithological Club, in 1965 to the McIlwraith Field Naturalists, and in 2009 to Nature London.

Field Day of the Entomological Society, east of London, July 8, 1868.

Nature London members come from all walks of life and share a common interest in natural history.

Nature London is affiliated provincially with Ontario Nature (Federation of Ontario Naturalists) and nationally with Nature Canada (Canadian Nature Federation).

In 2000, Nature London became a founding member of the Thames Talbot Land Trust.