2023 CBC Field Report

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Please send other questions to Pete Read.

  1. You are entering all data collected on your route on one submission form even if you covered several areas within that route or split into several parties on the route. The exception would be if you cover two different routes, perhaps to cover for someone this year, you could enter two checklists on separate forms.
  2. Please provide details in the box available for all species with an *. They have been seen fewer than 11 counts out of our over 100 Counts. Audubon asks for details for such Rare species. The details can be brief but could pertain to characteristics pointing to your species rather than any closely similar species. Such as differences between Scaup species.
  3. For species not listed please add them in the spaces provided and include details for them in the box provided at the bottom of the form.
  4. For food crop put in a G for good, M for average amount and P for poor amount. This depends on such things as available berries, seeds, cones, open water, etc.
  5. For Bald Eagle please fill in number of adults and number of immatures.
  6. If your team split up while doing your route, put in the total number of parties overall. If you split up, you should count the total time and distance of each party. For instance, you and your partner walked for an hour and then split up for an hour and then came back together for an hour, your number of parties is 2 and your time is 4 hours. Similarly your distance while separate would be added to the total distance.
  7. Distances recorded are for while you are actually birding. If you drove to a location and did not bird watch on the way, do not include a driving distance. However, if you did your walk and then drove around in your area looking for birds, you need to include both time and distances for driving and walking.

Reminder: The table of route numbers was emailed to you is available here.

Tip: You can use the tab key to move between input fields.