Add an Event – Outing (Hike or Field Trip)

Origin of an Event

A field trip leader completes the online form which emails the webmaster (currently Glenn Berry) with the details and photos for a new field trip.

First Steps

Log in to the website as an administrator.

Open a similar event for comparison purposes and for copying boilerplate.

Add a new event in a separate tab.

Open Media in a separate tab.

A photo is required by the online form. This becomes the featured image. Insert Featured Image block after the Date and Time block.

(Optional) Remove Event Price, Event Website, and Event Sharing blocks.

Featured Image

Open the image provided. It is usually the wrong shape and size for a featured image that will appear in the event description, calendar, and event lists.

View the image on the desktop. Use Snip & Stretch to crop a landscape image between 600 and 1200 pixels wide. The Events Calendar does weird things when displaying larger images and non-landscape images. Also, larger images waste online storage and slow down page views.

Save the snipped image with a meaningful filename and date.

Upload image to Media Library.

Set as the Featured Image in the new event. The block for Featured Image should have been added already.

Set the Categories

Members Only, Outings, Nature London


“NATURE LONDON MEMBERS ONLY.” In red in a new paragraph before the event description. Also, as the first (or last) paragraph of the excerpt.

Current COVID and other heath warnings in a List block before the Event Organizer block.


“NATURE LONDON MEMBERS ONLY.” As the first (or last) paragraph. This will appear in the calendar and event lists.

Usually the first paragraph of the description copied.


From the input form.

Date and Time

From the input form.

Registrations for The Event Calendar

Limit registrations to the number requested.

Start registrations 2 weeks before the event.

Close registrations 24 hours before the event.

Enable waiting list.

Disable payments.

List Event Attendees (deprecated)

Instead of maintaining a web page of attendees that is clipped by the coordinator, the webmaster will extract the needed rows and columns from the website and email them to the field trip leader after registrations are closed.

The revised process requires that the webmaster create a personal calendar entry for each event.

Reminder Email

This step is hidden! Do not forget to use the default reminder message and schedule it for 3 days before the event to give people a chance to unregister when there is a waiting list.