Articles and Bylaws

Nature London is renewing its articles and bylaws in order to comply with Ontario’s Not-forProfit Corporations Act. The deadline is October 18, 2024.

For reference purposes, here is the text of the letter from Gordon Neish, Nature London Past President. He is looking for members to assist with this effort:

Nature London eNewsletter submission:

Time to renew Nature London’s governing documents—Nature London has started to review and revise its letters patent and bylaws. This is driven by the need to comply with Ontario’s Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA). This Act took effect on October 18, 2021 and has a deadline for completion of October 18, 2024. This also provides an opportunity to update our bylaws (they are more than 50 years old) and to decide on how we want to structure and manage Nature London’s operations going forward. To date we have been consulting with Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) by way of a couple of webinars facilitated by Pillar and have undertaken a preliminary review of what we probably should or must change. The next step is to devise a draft of the revised articles (formerly letters patent) and bylaws for approval by Nature London’s members. Done right, this could have a substantial impact on Nature London’s effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its mission and goals in the coming decades.

We are now assembling a team to prepare the draft. So if you have an interest in organizational governance, especially as it relates to not-for-profit charitable organizations, and a willingness to help out, please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Gordon Neish, Past President