Canada 150 Challenge

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation, Nature London would like to challenge our sharp-eyed birders. Closely study the stylized Canadian flag below and see if you can answer the following questions:

  1. How many cardinals appear on the flag?[showhide type=”cardinal-count” more_text=”Hint” less_text=”Hide” hidden=”yes”]Not only would 150 be an obvious answer, it would also be incorrect.[/showhide]
  2. Where is the baby cardinal?[showhide type=”baby-cardinal” more_text=”Hint” less_text=”Hide” hidden=”yes”]Hungry youngsters can often be found hidden in the greenery in the accompaniment of a parent.[/showhide]
  3. Can you spot the impersonator (a disguised bird pretending to be a cardinal)?[showhide type=”cardinal-impostor” more_text=”Hint” less_text=”Hide” hidden=”yes”]I’m a red bird too, but I traded in my black mask for black sleeves.[/showhide]
  4. How many cardinals are in flight?[showhide type=”cardinal-flight” more_text=”Hint” less_text=”Hide” hidden=”yes”]This is a crazy card(inal) game.[/showhide]
  5. Can you locate the cardinal wearing an old McIlwraith Field Naturalists sweatshirt?[showhide type=”cardinal-logo” more_text=”Hint” less_text=”Hide” hidden=”yes”]Find me and add an extra one to your total cardinal count.[/showhide]

Click on the flag to download a full resolution (3716 x 1900) image and zoom in.

[showhide type=”answers” more_text=”Show Answers” less_text=”Hide Answers” hidden=”yes”]

The image below will help locate the following answers to the challenge.

  • Q1: There are 151 cardinals on the flag.
  • Q2: The baby cardinal is near the top left being fed by its mother.
  • Q3: The impostor (a Scarlet Tanager wearing Groucho Marx glasses) can be found on the right hand side.
  • Q4: There are 8 cardinals in flight, as in the old card game Crazy Eights. They are numbered in the picture below.
  • Q5: The McIlwraith sweater-wearing cardinal is near the bottom left. If you look closely, you can faintly see a cardinal imprinted on the sweater. This is the 151st cardinal on the flag.