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  • Currrent size of the committee
  • Desired size
  • Skills required
  • Amount of time involved and when
  • Documentation
  • Any mentoring involved
  • Contact email:

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List of Committees in Alphabetical Order


Archives Nature London Archival Fonds The Nature London (NL) fonds, an independent holding, is housed, free of charge, in the restricted-access area of the London Room of the Central Public Library (LPL). Due to insufficient space at LPL, additional material is temporarily stored at the archivists’ home. In the past ...
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Bird Friendly Initiative

Bird Friendly Initiative The Bird Friendly London team had a busy year. With the help of the Eco-Grant funding from Nature London an ambitious list of events and programs were undertaken. The list below while not exhaustive gives a good sample of the activities undertaken. The funding received through the ...
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Birding Wing

Birding Wing The Birding Wing Committee members for 2021-22 were Garth Casbourn, Kathy McCoy, Gail McNeil, and Paul Roedding. They were assisted by the Nature London Board liaison Stacey Jaczko. The committee met virtually by Zoom in May to decide on the speakers for the following year and each member ...
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Book Donations

Book Donations Again in 2021-2022, COVID-19 prevented Nature London from having any indoor meetings, so there could be no sales of used books, puzzles, magazines etc. at meetings or as part of a bucket raffle at a banquet. A few sales were made, for a total of $40. There were ...
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Butterfly Count

Butterfly Count A total of 50 species were recorded by 16 observers (compared to 50 species in 2021 and only 48 species in 2020) the 2022 Skunk’s Misery Butterfly Count. No new species were recorded and no new high counts were recorded either. Highlights included the first American Copper seen ...
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Cedarcroft There was a storm mid-September 2021 which downed several trees over the trails. Folks on the committee were able to clear them. We had a map of the trails and property made in 2021 by folks at UTRCA. It now is on a post near the cabin. In August ...
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Chimney Swift Program

1 page Introduction to Swift Monitoring February 12, 2023 4 page Overview of Monitoring Protocol April 8, 2023 Volunteer monitors are needed for the 2023 season. Please email for additional information. From the Annual Report This account covers the 12 months from November 1, 2021, to October 31, 2022, a period ...
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Christmas Bird Count

Christmas Bird Count Our 113th Annual Christmas Bird Count was held on December 18, 2021. We had 116 people in the field within about 45 parties, and some of them counted their feeders and were joined by another 28 at feeders. I am glad so many people get to enjoy ...
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Conservation Action Committee

Conservation Action Committee The following abbreviations are used in this report: CA = Conservation AuthorityCAC = Conservation Action CommitteeCMP = Conservation Master PlanCWC = Civic Works CommitteeEMG = Environmental Management GuidelinesESA = Environmentally Significant AreaMECP = Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks MVHF = Medway Valley Heritage Forest ESANL ...
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E-Newsletter and E-Mail Coordinators

E-Newsletter and E-Mail Coordinators Microsoft Word – Final 2021-22 Annual Report _rev 2023-02-03 The Nature London E-Newsletter is published twice monthly, normally on the 1st and 15th of each month. In addition, the editors monitor email sent to, answer where we can and forward email to members who may ...
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Facebook In 2021/22, Nature London’s Facebook page continued to increase its reach. As of December 2022, the page had over 900 followers. Recently we’re reaching approximately 150 per post. NL’s Facebook presence continues to be integrated with the website, The Cardinal, YouTube channel, and email newsletter. Mady Hymowitz ...
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Field Trips

Field Trips ...
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Friends of The Coves

Friends of the Coves The Coves ESA has had little in the way of change. There has been an inquiry concerning the proposed bridge over Silver Creek but nothing further in the proposal for these improvements. The Coves continues to be used by many Londoners for outdoor exercise and nature ...
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Giving Program

Giving Program Microsoft Word – Final 2021-22 Annual Report _rev 2023-02-03 This year, Nature London, along with so many charities across the country has seen a decline in overall giving. The pressures of the pandemic and rising inflation have taken their toll. We are grateful to everyone that during this ...
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Guide to the Natural Areas in London and Region In 2021-2022 eleven boxes of guides have been distributed. Thirty boxes remain in stock. Each box contains twenty guides. Mike Channon ...
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Hybrid Meetings Support

A new committee, not in the annual report yet. Indoor Meetings and Birding Wing meetings are held at the Civic Garden Complex. The CGC has an excellent sound system, screen, wifi, and room layout. CGC staff set up the lectern, screen, sound system, tables and chairs ahead of time based ...
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Image Database

Image Database The database continues to be housed on a dedicated HP 17” Zbook computer. Work continues on removing duplicate files and indexing images for easier search and retrieval. This year we added a dedicated solid state backup drive to increase the security of the system. Members continue to contribute ...
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Indoor Meetings

Indoor Meetings During the 2021/2022 season, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forced Nature London indoor meetings to continue to be held virtually via Zoom. The silver lining of virtual meetings was the ability to invite some non-local speakers; however, the focus was still primarily on topics of local relevance in southwestern ...
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London Environmental Network

London Environmental Network LEN’s Vision – London is known as one of the greenest and most resilient cities in Canada. LEN’s Mission – We build participation, collaboration, and capacity in our community to co- create positive environmental change. LEN offers its members a suite of resources. These include: Shared resources; ...
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Manual Secretary

Manual Secretary The manual secretary is responsible for keeping the club manuals up to date on a yearly or as-needed basis. As very few changes were needed in 2021/22, updates to the manual were deferred to 2022/23. The new format of the manuals (a series of five manuals), revised a ...
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Membership Secretary

Membership Secretary and Membership Database Membership Secretary’s Report 2021-2022 Our membership for 2021/2022 was 457 memberships which is a new record for this century and much of the last. Our members have been very loyal during the pandemic years despite the inability to have in-person meetings. Last year did see ...
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Ontario Nature

Ontario Nature (Federation of Ontario Naturalists) Regional meetings of the Ontario Nature Network provide an opportunity for naturalists to exchange ideas and report on successes and failures of programs they have undertaken, discuss natural heritage issues of concern, and seek advice from the Ontario Nature (ON) staff. ON staff representatives ...
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Osprey Monitoring

Osprey Monitoring The 2022 Osprey nesting season around London exhibited an unusual degree of change. Four nests were removed by the tower owners on Fanshawe Park Rd., Gainsborough at Hyde Park, Sovereign at Tartan, and Dingman at White Oak. Three communication tower operators installed metal pyramid frames to defeat the ...
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Refreshments Committee

Refreshments Committee It is with sorrow that we report that Jim Bristow, at 79 years of age, passed away on Friday, December 16, 2022 at University Hospital due to complications of a stroke. His passing was peaceful, painless, and full of dignity. Linda and Jim Bristow looked after the refreshments ...
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Sales Coordinator

Sales Coordinator Nature London Book sales report 2021/222020/212019/20Total Revenue190.00520.00927.00Expenses109.00132.00362.50 The expenses in my report are only for the books we buy from St. Thomas Field Naturalists. Revenue on the other hand is for ALL books from all sources. There were no indoor meetings or outdoor event so all the sales ...
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Saunders Library

Saunders Library (London Public Library) For many years Nature London has been making a donation (currently $1000 per annum) to London Public Library to buy books for the Saunders Library. All titles can be reserved at London Public Library’s web page at and picked up from your nearest branch ...
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Thames Talbot Land Trust

Thames Talbot Land Trust The idea of establishing a local land trust developed within the McIlwraith Field Naturalists (Nature London) in the late 1990s. In the year 2000, the Thames Talbot Land Trust (TTLT) was launched as a separate entity. TTLT is a registered Canadian charity, governed by a volunteer ...
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Treasurer While not a committee, this is still a key part of Nature London. Reimbursement Anyone wishing to be reimbursed for pre-approved club expenses needs to provide an invoice for the product or service. And the invoice must provide the HST/GST number of the vendor. While it is easily spotted ...
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Urban League of London

Urban League of London (ULL) The League’s vision: We believe that engaged and informed Londoners are the building blocks of a vital, successful and sustainable city. We believe that strong and connected communities are critical to bringing them together. Building these connections and advocating for our members is what we ...
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Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator This year volunteers made their way back into some programs and activities curtailed by COVID. Other volunteers have continued in leadership positions largely unaffected by COVID. To all we are grateful. Our President and board leaders have continued to faithfully guide all the activities of Nature London. Volunteers ...
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Website Website traffic was up over 8% for 2021-22, averaging over 2500 hits per month (30,469 for the twelve-month period) versus 2300 hits per month last year. Part of the increase in activity may be attributed to the Spring Migration Festival leveraging Nature London’s event registration facility. The Cardinal averaged ...
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YouTube Channel Nature London has a YouTube Channel Nature London YouTube Channel. The channel contains videos taken by Nature London members that can be shared from our website, in The Cardinal, at indoor meetings, and in the eNewsletter. No account is needed to view the videos, but please consider creating ...
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