Birding Wing

Birding Wing

The Birding Wing Committee members for 2021-22 were Garth Casbourn, Kathy McCoy, Gail McNeil, and Paul Roedding. They were assisted by the Nature London Board liaison Stacey Jaczko. The committee met virtually by Zoom in May to decide on the speakers for the following year and each member took responsibility for contacting a speaker and organizing a meeting.

In September we started the year with a presentation from Stu MacKenzie titled Wingtips at our Fingertips. This was a fascinating look into the lives of migratory birds and how the MOTUS system is enabling us to learn so much more about their travels. We followed that with Brendon Samuels updating us on the Bird Friendly City project and what plans were being made to continue the momentum after receiving certification from Nature Canada. The next presentation in November was given by Pete Read who took us beyond the beaches in the Dominican Republic. Pete has led tours to this country many times and we enjoyed learning about the birdlife on this Caribbean Island.

In February Dave Wake entertained us with wonderful photos and stories of a trip he took to Columbia in early 2020 titled Columbia birding among and beyond the Andes. The final presentation for the year was given by Quinten Weigersma. Quinten is working as a naturalist in Algonquin Park and he took us through a year at the park and what birds can be found in each season.

All meetings were held virtually on zoom and began at 7:30 pm. They were moderated by Garth Casbourn and various members of the committee started the meeting with a discussion of local bird sightings.

Stacey Jaczko