Christmas Bird Count

Christmas Bird Count

Our 113th Annual Christmas Bird Count was held on December 18, 2021. We had 116 people in the field within about 45 parties, and some of them counted their feeders and were joined by another 28 at feeders. I am glad so many people get to enjoy the tradition of our CBC.

Weather for the Count was poor, to say the least, so I appreciate the efforts of everyone even more than usual. Our total number of species was a paltry 73 species, down about three species, and the number of individuals was about 2000 below average.

Full results have been published in the 2022 Winter Edition of The Cardinal (No. 266) and displayed on our Nature London website ( I would like to again thank Hugh Casbourn for creating and continuing the awesome statistical spreadsheet which we can use to see patterns in our results. After the totals were compiled, I again sent the results to the Audubon Society.

Nature London’s continuous contribution to this worthwhile project is a fact for which our Club can be proud.

Pete Read
London CBC Coordinator since 1983

P.S. Here are the results from the 2022 Christmas Bird Count.