E-Newsletter and E-Mail Coordinators

E-Newsletter and E-Mail Coordinators

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The Nature London E-Newsletter is published twice monthly, normally on the 1st and 15th of each month. In addition, the editors monitor email sent to info@naturelondon.ca, answer where we can and forward email to members who may have the answers. This year has had added challenges due to changes in some committees and variable COVID restrictions.

The E-Newsletter is a concise reminder service for members of events within the coming three weeks. The content depends heavily on material from the Nature London website or Facebook page and many news items include “links” to the website for details or registration. This has the added benefit of alerting members to interesting items on the website and providing regular reasons to visit the Nature London website.

The E-Newsletter circulation consists of members who voluntarily allow us to “push” messages to their mail twice per month, and we honour this trust by keeping the items short with no pictures or attachments. As a result, we experience very few “unsubscribes” and we often have more than one subscriber in each member household. As of October 2021, we have 530 subscribers compared to 545 at this time last year and up 161 since Nature London adopted this approach to email in 2017.

There are two sections in each E-Newsletter:

  • Nature London Events, that describe upcoming meetings, field trips, presentations and events, and
  • Other Events That May be of Interest, often sponsored by other natural heritage organizations in our region.

Priority is given to Nature London events, but where space permits, we include links for events sponsored by other organizations. Urgent conservation items are handled separately by the Conservation Action Committee and their “Action Alerts”. We also monitor the info@naturelondon.ca mailbox.

We enjoy a great partnership with The Cardinal and Nature London website as they can offer pictures, videos (on the web) and details but must wait until members come to look. The E-News can alert members to this great content. We very much appreciate the support and cooperation of The Cardinal editors, our webmaster, the Conservation Action Committee, field trip coordinators and other volunteer appointees of the club who provide the information and responses that are the heart of the E-Newsletter.

Sandy and Ric Symmes