Osprey Monitoring

Osprey Monitoring

The 2022 Osprey nesting season around London exhibited an unusual degree of change. Four nests were removed by the tower owners on Fanshawe Park Rd., Gainsborough at Hyde Park, Sovereign at Tartan, and Dingman at White Oak. Three communication tower operators installed metal pyramid frames to defeat the Osprey, but at Gainsborough and Dingman towers, the Ospreys simply rebuilt their nest beside the frame. We recognize that these towers are private property but hope that some design changes can be worked out so the owners can conduct their business safely and reliably while accommodating these wonderful birds in our community.

Western University had to remove a nest to replace the stadium lights. However, Western and its contractors got expert advice, and successfully substituted a new platform on the very day their Ospreys returned. The new platform was promptly occupied and successful. Western did a great job and set a “bird friendly” standard. The City of London has indicated a similar willingness to accommodate the Ospreys when they replace the stadium lighting at Labatt Park.

The platform at the Greenway Waste Treatment plant was very popular and successful in 2021, but for some reason unknown, the nesting pair did not return in 2022.

The early goose got the nest in the ballpark at the east end of Windermere Rd. However, Ospreys evicted the goose on the nearby platform at the entrance to Kilally Meadows, and they raised two young. AnOsprey was seen sitting low on the nest in the soccer field at Windermere and Adelaide through the Spring, but no young birds emerged from that location.

This year we had several nests removed by tower owners, and significant difficulty counting the young birds in July. Despite the removal activity, we had 12 active nests through the nesting season. Unfortunately, we were unable to confirm the number of young birds fledged in some locations. If we had the typical 2 fledglings/active nest, we could have as many as 8 more young Ospreys and a total similar to 2021.

On July 9th, 2022, Nature London held a successful Osprey walk and talk session at two locations in the City. Participants were able to see the adults at work and the hungry young birds in the nest at the entrance to Kilally Meadows. Osprey information was distributed and later published in the summer edition of the Cardinal.

London Osprey Monitoring is a Nature London program activity. As coordinators of this activity, we would like to extend our thanks to all those who contributed information about Osprey activity around the city this year. We look forward to an interesting and successful Osprey season in 2023.

Ric and Sandy Symmes
Osprey Monitoring Coordinators