Urban League of London

Urban League of London (ULL)

The League’s vision:

We believe that engaged and informed Londoners are the building blocks of a vital, successful and sustainable city. We believe that strong and connected communities are critical to bringing them together. Building these connections and advocating for our members is what we do.

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The Urban League is an umbrella group whose members include a number of neighbourhood associations and community groups working to improve and connect our city. Individuals with an interest in urban or civic matters may also become members of the League.

Meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month except for the months of June, July, August and December. At each meeting there is an educational component and the opportunity for members to share information. In 2022 the Urban league continued to navigate challenges and uncertainty brought about by the Covid pandemic. Meetings and events were hosted online, member groups were supported, small grants to support local projects and their Green Brick and Green Umbrellas Awards recognizing outstanding leadership and projects in the community were awarded.

Membership benefits
• General Liability insurance for member events and room bookings.
• Access to small internal funding opportunities when available.
• Partnering on mutually beneficial projects when possible.
• Monthly general meetings featuring special topics of interest.
• Monthly newsletter
• Listing on the Urban League Website.
• Sharing events on social media (tag UL for retweets and Facebook share).
• Connections with and guidance and support from other neighbourhood associations and community groups.
• A collective voice on a city-wide and neighbourhood specific issue.
• Digital support with GSuite (which includes mail, Google sites and Google Drive storage)

UL provides Nature London with many opportunities to promote our programs and support our interests. One of UL’s major efforts this year was hosting 14 All Candidate meetings. These meetings were well attended and well run. On the surface these meetings may not seem related to Nature London’s mission and objectives, however, city councillors play a significant role in decisions having to do with our local environment. These meeting gave Londoners a chance to see where those running for office stand on environmental issues. This is just one example of how important it is for Nature London to continue to support and be involved with the Urban League. Being a member helps to keep our members in touch with what is going on at city hall and in local community organizations. It is also an organization that can help to rally support for causes of interest to Nature London. I recommend that Nature London continues its membership and involvement with the Urban League.

Susan Price