Virtual Meeting – Astronomy in Isolation: Fun Stargazing Activities for Those Stuck at Home

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The summer months offer great opportunities to enjoy the wonders of the Universe. To be amazed by what the night sky has to offer, you don’t need a telescope or any prior astronomy knowledge: a pair of eyes, a backyard or a driveway, and a healthy dose of curiosity can turn you and your loved ones into avid sky watchers in a short amount of time.

In this presentation Jan Cami (Associate Professor at Western University and the Director of the Hume Cronyn Memorial Observatory) will start from the absolute beginnings (“the sky is up”) and show you how you can experience many interesting astronomical phenomena for yourself this summer: the apparent motion of objects in the sky; recognizing constellations; seeing the changing phases of the Moon and getting to know the wandering planets; catching shooting stars during meteor showers. As a cool space technology bonus, Jan will also show you how you can see the International Space Station or trains of Starlink satellites for yourself. He will include a list of tools, resources, apps and web sites that can further help you explore the Universe from your backyard.

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