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(Members Only) Family Day at Cedarcroft

Cedarcroft 10736 Westminster Drive, Southwold, Ontario
Attendance: 8 / 25

Come and meet the Cedarcroft committee. Cedarcroft is beautiful in the winter, so put down your electronics and pick-up your hiking poles, ice cleats and warm winter boots. Come and join us for Family Day, and have fun hiking the trails and participating in a scavenger hunt. Then enjoy a mug of hot chocolate, or Jim's famous hot apple cider and roast hotdogs and marshmellows over a fire.

(Members Only) Scenic Winter Hike in Medway Heritage Forest

Gainsborough Road London, Ontario
Attendance: 6 / ∞

This is the most beautiful time of year in Medway Heritage Forest, which is also well populated with wildlife, even in the winter. If conditions are good with a fresh snowfall, we'll have tracks to identify to find out what lives in this habitat. The Medway Creek may still be frozen providing many clues on its surface as to the wildlife that crosses over its ice, taking advantage of this passageway in the winter.

(Members Only) Hybrid Meeting – Exploring (and Birding) Canada Along the Trans Canada Trail

London Civic Garden Complex 625 Springbank Drive, London, Ontario
Attendance: 43 / 160

Sonya Richmond and Sean Morton have trekked for 556 days and hiked more than 14,000 km on the Trans Canada Trail crossing the nation from Cape Spear Newfoundland to Victoria British Columbia. In their presentation they share stories of their time on 28,000 km The Trans Canada Trail, the world’s longest recreational trail, and highlight how easy it is to get outdoors, be an explorer, and enjoy nature – whether in your own backyard, the backwoods, or in the Boreal Forest.

(Members Only) Night out at Cedarcroft

Cedarcroft 10736 Westminster Drive, Southwold, Ontario
Attendance: 13 / 25

Enjoy a night time get together at Cedarcroft. We will socialize by the cabin, weather permitting we will have an outdoor fire to warm up by. We will be listening for owls and any wildlife which may be active at this time.

(Members Only) Hike MacNaughton Trail, Exeter

MacNaughton Park Trail 56 Hill Street, Exeter, Ontario
Attendance: 6 / 15

Walk along the Ausable River in Exeter. This trail is 4kms long but is a wide smooth trail. There are some stairs at the halfway point. We will be looking for the Exeter White Squirrel, early spring plants or flowers, various other animals and any early migrants. There are several areas along the way for some great photos.

(Members Only) Hybrid Meeting – Eat, Prey, Love: the secret lives of spiders in Ontario and beyond

London Civic Garden Complex 625 Springbank Drive, London, Ontario
Attendance: 57 / 160

There are far more reasons to be fascinated by spiders than to fear them. In this talk, Dr. Catherine Scott will provide a window into the private lives of spiders, highlighting their remarkable strategies for predation and defense, the critical role that they play in food webs, and their weird and wonderful mating and parenting habits.

(Members Only) Tundra Swans at Aylmer WMA

Aylmer Wildlife Management Area 10594 Hacienda Road, Aylmer, Ontario
Attendance: 9 / 25

We will observe Tundra Swans and other migrating waterfowl and songbirds. Dress warmly and be prepared from possible ice or mud. Interested birders will also visit the Aylmer Sewage Lagoons.

(Members Only) Hybrid Meeting – Back Door Birding

London Civic Garden Complex 625 Springbank Drive, London, Ontario
Attendance: 60 / 160

Back doors (and windows) of our homes are convenient portals to birdwatching. Everyone’s back door and yard offers a little different experience and may attract a different collection of birds. Laure will tell the story of two London neighbourhoods she has lived in for the past seven years, highlighting some of the exciting local species she has seen and photographed from home. She will discuss habitat values and how improving vegetation structure and variety in your yard and neighbourhood may enhance your yard list of bird visitors.

(Members Only) Owl viewing at Gibbons Park

Gibbons Park - Grosvenor Entrance 2A Grosvenor Street, London, Ontario
Attendance: 8 / 15

Viewing event only. Bring cameras, binoculars or scopes. Lets look for the pair of owls at Gibbons and there may be owlets!

(Members Only) Birding at Hullett Wildlife Management Area

Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area 41378 Hydro Line Rd, Clinton, Ontario
Attendance: 14 / 25

We will drive up Highway 4 to the north end of Clinton to visit various sites within Hullett WMA for some early spring birding. Bring a lunch or visit a restaurant in Clinton. Be prepared for muddy conditions.