Life in the Upper Thames River:

Benthic Macroinvertebrates, Fishes and Mussels

Here are links that appeared in the presentation by Erin Carroll, Aquatic Biologist, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority.

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Watershed Report Cards

Rainbow Mussel (Villosa Iris) Displaying Lure and Muscular Foot

Megalonaias gloch 023

Additional links

Macroinvertibrates Resources

The Freshwater Mullusk Conservation Society

Presentation Credits

Chris Barnhart provided the incredible video and photos for this talk: Barnhart, M. C. 2023. Unio Gallery: Accessed 03/15/2023.

Bailey Bingham, Course Coordinator/ Instructor
Integrative Biology , University of Guelph provided many photos for this presentation.

Cool cartoon graphics provided by Julia Willsie, can be purchased at: