Nature London Enviro Hero Award


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The Nature London Enviro Hero Award is established to recognize and encourage special contributions to conservation by members of the community.

Nature of Award

The award will consist of a certificate presented publicly where possible, along with a free one-year membership to Nature London if the individual is not already a member.


The award is given to individuals, groups, or businesses in London making a special one-time contribution to conservation. It may also be used to note ongoing contributions that might not otherwise be recognized. Individuals or groups functioning primarily within Nature London are not eligible.

The awards will align with the stated objects of Nature London, namely:

  • To acquire and disseminate knowledge of natural history
  • To conserve wildlife and protect its natural habitat
  • To stimulate public interest in and understanding of nature and its protection and preservation
  • To develop and sponsor special interest groups in the various fields of natural history


A display in a branch library that was part of the work recognized by a previous award.
  • An individual who preserves unique habitat on private city, company, or farm property.
  • A Scout troop that annually cleans up a section of the Thames River.
  • A teacher who provides outstanding nature education to students.
  • An individual who promotes natural gardening practices.
  • A local researcher who has made important contributions to knowledge of wildlife or habitats particularly in the London area.

Recipient Selection and Approval

Anyone may nominate potential award recipients to members of the Conservation Action Committee. The nomination is considered by the Conservation Action Committee at any regular or special meeting. The Conservation Action Committee notifies the Nature London Board, through the chair, of the proposed award.


  • Following Board confirmation of the award, a member of the Conservation Action Committee will notify the recipient.
  • A laminated or framed certificate will be issued on behalf of the CAC of Nature London expressing its thanks to the individual for his/her efforts on the part of the environment.
  • The award will be presented at a suitable time and place as agreed with the recipient.
  • When appropriate, more than one award may be presented at the same time and place.
  • Presentation venues may include a location related to the conservation effort, a Nature-in-the City event, a regular Nature London indoor meeting, a place of business, a venue where the recipient’s peers are already present, etc.
  • A member of the CAC or Nature London Board will present the award.
  • Where appropriate, a news release will be issued to local media outlining the details of the award and the time and place for presentation.
  • A short article covering the award ceremony will be published in The Cardinal.
  • Awards will be presented as worthy recipients come to the attention of the Conservation Action Committee. There is no particular season for presentations or goal for the number of awards.


  • The award is designed to recognize grass-roots community involvement in conservation.
  • Individuals who have been recognized with an Enviro Hero Award may be encouraged to join in other environmental discussions.

Nomination Form

Please use the Enviro Hero Nomination Form for all submissions.