Guidelines for Attending Nature London Outdoor Events

Please note the following regarding attending Nature London outdoor events:

  • Unless specifically noted for “Members Only”, events are open to the public.
  • Please arrange your own transportation. The Field Trips Co-ordinator and trip leaders are not responsible for arranging transportation for participants.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, out-of-town field trips are restricted to Nature London members.
  • We commend the enthusiasm of our members but we ask all potential participants to ensure such enthusiasm does not cloud their judgement regarding their own fitness levels and ability to cope with some difficult terrains. Please make sure to estimate such matters correctly and bring a personal assistant if necessary to assure full participation.
  • Due to liability concerns, all participants are required to sign a Nature London waiver form before each field trip.
  • Some events may require advanced registration. For assistance, see the Job Aid on Registering for Events.
  • It is useful to bring along binoculars, pencil and notebook, field guides, etc. Families with children are welcome, but pets should be left at home.
  • Be sure to check the weather in advance. Dress appropriately and be prepared for changing weather conditions. If there is rain or inclement weather, the leader will arrive at the meeting place and then decide whether the trip will be cancelled. However, if there is a severe-weather warning, snow, or an ice storm, assume there will be no trip.