Nature London Weather Photo Competition

Nature London has decided to hold a second photo competition, following on the success of the first, which was on the theme of “insects”. This second contest will have the theme “Weather”. Images should illustrate some striking, beautiful or unusual aspect of weather or its interaction with other aspects of nature and the environment. No prizes, only honour and good fun – and the opportunity to test your photographic skills – are the elements. A committee will select the best images for colour reproduction in the Spring 2019 issue of The Cardinal.

Rules (compressed- for complete rules see the next edition of The Cardinal):

  • Maximum 3 images, photographs taken in Canada, taken by a member of Nature London.
  • Each e-mail should have one image attached, and should include: The photographer’s name, image description, a short caption, when and where taken, and photo data – camera type, exposure, etc. if available.
  • Images will be added to the NL photo database and may be used for Nature London purposes (Cardinal, website, etc.) with full credit to the photographer.