Osprey News

This is an informal bulletin board for Osprey fans of Nature London. The curators are Ric Symmes and Glenn Berry. Please email your submissions (notes, photos, YouTube links) to nlwebguy@gmail.com for now.

April 15, 2023

This afternoon … at 1.55 pm we watched 1 Osprey fly off a communication tower next to the parking lot of the Stoney Creek Baptist Church, 2225 Highbury Ave, North. The Osprey returned with a stick and dropped it on to a small pile of similar materials. Seems to be a very recent nest attempt. -Anonymous

This morning, Susan and I realized there are now 3 Ospreys on the nest at Labatt Park and at least one of them spends a lot of time at the bottom of the nest. There have been reports of a sibling of one of the adults assisting with raising the young. I thing the one the foreground is a female, but we can not tell if she was on the nest first or second. -Glenn

From April 14, 2023 and earlier

Glenn’s contributions will be videos or screenshots from videos that might not make it to the Nature London YouTube channel.

As we were leaving Kilally Meadows ESA, we saw an Osprey circling and then hovering over the river. The Osprey’s plunge into the water upset a Canada Goose who charged the Osprey. The goose is by far the larger and heavier of the two birds.

This video starts with the male delivering most of a fish to the female who takes a few bites and then takes the fish away to finish it. At the 2-minute point, the male uses his feet to propel debris from the bottom of the deep nest over the edge. For the next few minutes he rearranges sticks already in the nest.

Labatt Park, Friday, April 14, 2023