Updating Membership Form

There are three changes required to the form

  • The title of the form
  • The password field
  • The link to the new PDF version of the membership form


The current title is: 2023-2024 NL membership form

The shortcode remains:


Click on the blue “BUILD” button to edit any of the details.

Fieldname 52 has the following equation:

IF(fieldname42==’Yes’, ‘Nature London Membership Password: Up to Oct 31/23: gr8blue, After Nov 1/23: amgoldie’, ”)

As long as someone says in fieldname42 that it is their intention to join, they get the password. This may be worth fixing if we do not use membership software.

Link to PDF

The Field Label of fieldname36 is a block of HTML:

  • Complete the top part of the form with Your Information.
  • Complete each section of the form for the items that you wish to purchase.
  • Click the Pay Online button to be taken to PayPal to complete the transaction. A copy of your answers will be emailed to you.
* Denotes required fields

Click here for a paper form to print and mail with your cheque if you are not paying on-line.

Click here for additional membership information.