Webmaster’s Quarterly Report: April-June 2023

From an email sent on June 9 to Bernie VanDenBerg as president of the club and board liaison for the website.

I purchased the 3-year webhost contract from DreamHost that was approved by the board. I have experimented with creating and maintaining websites under the new contract.

On the current host location:

  • Continued to manage events and announcements
  • Tweaked the homepage 
  • Add a set of webpages, one for each committee
  • Added unlisted webpages for special interests
    • Chimney Swift monitoring
    • Osprey nest monitoring
    • Butterflies
  • Replaced the magazine rack view of recent issues of The Cardinal with a list with tables of contents

I am happy to report that I have received some compliments about the new design. While not flashy, it is clear and useful.