Introduction to the New Nature London Events Calendar

The new Nature London Events Calendar provides several useful features that allow you to do the following:

  • Quickly change between Month, List or Day views of events.
  • Easily move forward or backward through months, lists or days.
  • See full venue information including the address and location details on a Google Map, as well as obtain step-by-step driving instructions.
  • Add events to your personal electronic calendar (Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, Apple, Google, etc.)

Details on these features and how to use the Events Calendar appear below.  Please note that the instructions describe the calendar layout as seen on a computer. The layout might be condensed when viewed on a smaller device (for example, a smartphone or tablet), but the principles are generally the same.

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Event Views

Selecting Get Involved > Attend an Event > Events Calendar on the website’s menu will display events in Month View. You can change how events are displayed by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the calendar and selecting one of List, Month or Day.

Sample Month View

Sample List View

Sample Day View

Event Details

In any view, click on the event name to see complete details including:

  • A description of the event.
  • The date and time.
  • The venue with the address.
  • A Google Map showing the location.

Sample Event Details

Moving Forward or Back Through Events

Depending on the current view, you can easily move forward or back through events as follows:

  • Month View: In the top left corner there are scroll arrow to move forward (>) or back (<) one month.  
  • List View: At the bottom there are < Previous and Next > links to scroll through the list.
  • Day View< Previous Day and Next Day > links appear below the day.
  • Event Details: There are links to move to the previous <Event or next Event> below the event details.

Obtaining Directions to An Event

When viewing a list of events or a single event’s details, click on the +Google Map link to open Google Maps. In Google Maps, click on Directions, enter your starting point, and Google Maps will create a route with step-by-step directions and a travel time estimate.

Adding Events to Personal Calendars

In each view you will either see a + Google Calendar or + iCal Export link. Clicking on the link will prompt you to add one or more events to your personal electronic calendar (Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, Apple, Google, etc.). How this functions varies from one calendaring application to another, so review the instructions carefully and take care not to add the same event more than once.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Infrequently, the information for an event might need to be updated or corrected. The new information will not be automatically updated in your personal calendar. Before attending an event, check the web site Events Calendar for updated details and, if required, re-add the event to your personal calendar.