YouTube Channel

Nature London has launched a new YouTube Channel! The channel contains videos taken by Nature London members that can be shared from our website, in The Cardinal, at indoor meetings, and in the eNewsletter. To visit the Nature London YouTube Channel, click on the image below. No account is needed to view the videos, but please consider creating a Google account, subscribing to the channel and enabling notifications. Subscribers will receive a notification every time a new video is uploaded.

In addition, Nature London has added a Featured Member Video section to our website’s homepage. Occasionally, a new video will be picked to highlight a member’s videographer talents.

If you have a video that you would like to share, please submit it to the Nature London Photo Coordinator at A few guidelines to consider for video submissions follow:

  1. All submitted videos must be owned by Nature London members.
  2. Contributing videos to the database grants permission for their use in Nature London publications, both print and electronic. For any other uses, authorization would be requested from the contributor.
  3. Videos should be provided in their native, raw format. For example, MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. They can be transferred using Microsoft OneDrive, Google DropBox, Apple iCloud, etc., but there may be a size limitation. If the limitation is exceeded, they will have to be transferred using physical media, such as a thumb drive.
  4. The following information should be included with the videos, if available:
    • Subject
    • Author
    • Date/time taken
    • Location taken
    • Any timestamps of interest in the video